Our Vision:

The ministry "A Heart for Orphans" wishes to carry out this ministry under God's word and the social circumstances which are based on Christian principles:

  1. We want to stop the increase of orphaned children in our countries.

  2. We want every Christian to be involved in the lives of orphans in any way he or believes is needed.

  3. We are ready to support those who wish to help with any informational, material, or moral issue that one should encounter in the ministry.

  4. Christians today must fight for the souls of children, not letting them be mocked by the enemy of all mankind.

  5. Motivation to serve must be a voluntary desire, and not for any other reason.

  6. We need to make every effort to assist the process of adoption and custody of those who have never felt what a family is.

  7. We want those who "see our good works" to glorify our Lord and be inspired by our example.

  8. We need to pray for these children and the families that adopt them

Today, a whole lot depends on each person individually, and on the world as a whole. If you are ready to respond to God's call through serving to orphans – we cordially invite you to join our family.