Friends from Belarus serving others


It is always nice to hear about the successes of our Belarusian friends. They sacrifice their time, resources and personal matters in order to serve others.

Visis to the Divinskaya orphanage school in the Brest region have become regular. The administration, children, foster parents, and all who aren't indifferent, are looking for opportunities to meet up, encourage each other, to enjoy the successes and learn about each other's life in order to help when needed.


Our friends remind us with their actions, that every citizen of a country is responsible for other fellow citizens, especially when they need support. We cannot ignore those who need us, because according to the law of sowing and reaping, when the time comes, we will be ignored by those who we are in need of.

We wish Volodya Simonovic, Sergei Habovtsu, Michael Komarchuku great strength, blessings from heaven and support in their work and service to others.